Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letter Replies

In my last post I told you I wrote letters to companies asking for donations for the gift baskets, these are some replies I've gotten:
Lego said they only donate to people in their area, around Connecticut.,
Klutz said they can't donate but will give me a one-time use 25% online coupon (thanks, but no thanks. Did they not get the part about me being a kid?),
Mars Chocolate said they would like to donate, but can't,
Buzzy Seeds said they will forward my e-mail to the "bigger" people and I'd hear from them in a week or two, that was in January, I haven't heard back.
I'm keeping my hopes up. It is all about hope. Right?
So that leaves 6 people who haven't responded. If they say no I'll just write more.
Never give up.

In a few days I'll post post some pics of donations from a nice local lady.