Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letter Replies

In my last post I told you I wrote letters to companies asking for donations for the gift baskets, these are some replies I've gotten:
Lego said they only donate to people in their area, around Connecticut.,
Klutz said they can't donate but will give me a one-time use 25% online coupon (thanks, but no thanks. Did they not get the part about me being a kid?),
Mars Chocolate said they would like to donate, but can't,
Buzzy Seeds said they will forward my e-mail to the "bigger" people and I'd hear from them in a week or two, that was in January, I haven't heard back.
I'm keeping my hopes up. It is all about hope. Right?
So that leaves 6 people who haven't responded. If they say no I'll just write more.
Never give up.

In a few days I'll post post some pics of donations from a nice local lady.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have just wrote 10 letters and 1 E-mail to different businesses asking for donations. Lets see if any one responds.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Second Delivery

This is our second delivery to the Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY. we delivered 14 baskets. We borrowed the same cart from the volunteer department.
It was easier this time because we knew our way around.

My sister and I at the hospital

We put this tag on each basket

We delivered our first babies
basket today.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Gift Baskets for The Hospital

It has been awhile since we posted any new information but don't think that means we haven't been busy. Since we last posted, we have delived gift baskets to the hospital and held a yard sale.
Above is a photo of the baskets we delivered to Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY. We brought 8 baskets all together, 4 to the pediatric department and 4 to the adult oncology department.

As this was our first delivery to the hospital it was a learning experience for us. Like, how do we get all those baskets in to the hospital from the parking garage? Well, a very nice lady told us that the volunteer department had a cart which we could borrow and that made the whole thing a whole lot easier. So we know just where to go for next time. We are currently working on filling 11 more gift baskets. If you have anything you would like to donate to this project, just let us know by email. Thanks

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our First Donation.

Here are some photos of our first donation towards the gift baskets we are putting together for leukemia patients. There is a large assortment of items for both adults and children of all ages. As you can see in the photos, we received: glow in the dark critter/bugs etc, soaps, wet wipes, craft kits, coloring books, note pads, lotions, and more. We also have received a few baskets.
We are still gathering items so if you would like to get involved, please see our "Current Projects" listing in the side bar for a list of item ideas we are looking for.

Thanks so much.

Thank You For Your Support!!

The following items have been sold.
Thanks for your support!
Proceeds support our Current Projects.

Felted and Embroidered Eye Glass Case

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our First Project

For our first project to support those fighting leukemia I am filling gift baskets. I hope to fill baskets for children and for adults. These will be delivered to the cancer floors of local hospitals. Here are some items I am looking for to fill the baskets:

Childrens Baskets:
*Game/Puzzle/Coloring Books
*Small crayon packages
*craft supplies or kits for small crafts which can be done
on a hospital table
*stuffed animals
*cars and trucks
*bright posters
*snack items: cheese and crackers
*goldfish, etc
*games, toys, etc. (example: rubix cubes)
*fun pens
*colorful note pads/writing paper

Adult Baskets:
*Crossword Puzzle Books (this is in honor of Nana) or other game/puzzle books
*Stuffed animals
*small decorative items
*alcohol hand sanitizer
*face masks
*games, etc. (example: rubix cube)
*snacks: granola bars, etc
*face masks
*books of short uplifting stories

We are also looking for donations of baskets.

This is just a list of ideas and examples. We will fill the baskets with what ever items the Lord blesses us with.

How you can help:
If you have an interest in donating any items for the gift baskets we are assembling, please contact us by email. We also appreciate any financial donations to purchase any of the items we will be adding to the gift baskets.

Please email us for contact information.