Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our First Project

For our first project to support those fighting leukemia I am filling gift baskets. I hope to fill baskets for children and for adults. These will be delivered to the cancer floors of local hospitals. Here are some items I am looking for to fill the baskets:

Childrens Baskets:
*Game/Puzzle/Coloring Books
*Small crayon packages
*craft supplies or kits for small crafts which can be done
on a hospital table
*stuffed animals
*cars and trucks
*bright posters
*snack items: cheese and crackers
*goldfish, etc
*games, toys, etc. (example: rubix cubes)
*fun pens
*colorful note pads/writing paper

Adult Baskets:
*Crossword Puzzle Books (this is in honor of Nana) or other game/puzzle books
*Stuffed animals
*small decorative items
*alcohol hand sanitizer
*face masks
*games, etc. (example: rubix cube)
*snacks: granola bars, etc
*face masks
*books of short uplifting stories

We are also looking for donations of baskets.

This is just a list of ideas and examples. We will fill the baskets with what ever items the Lord blesses us with.

How you can help:
If you have an interest in donating any items for the gift baskets we are assembling, please contact us by email. We also appreciate any financial donations to purchase any of the items we will be adding to the gift baskets.

Please email us for contact information.

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